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Recycling protects the environment by reducing the need of extracting, processing and refining natural materials and benefits all of mankind and future generations by preserving the earth’s precious natural resources.

Non-organic post-cremation materials are classified as “hazardous waste” by the EPA. Per Title 40 of the US Code of Federal Regulations must be disposed of properly.

Responsible implant recycling helps to conserve natural resources that are destroyed during mining practices. The mining of metals adversely impacts the environment through soil erosion, contamination of surface water, groundwater and soil. It can also contribute to the leakage of chemicals into the area adversely affecting the health of local residents. Air pollution is another concern. In some mining processes, gas emissions can be released into the atmosphere causing elevated levels of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Investing in the most cutting-edge refining technologies and techniques allow us to generate the highest possible yields, recovering more precious metals in the refining process which makes us the best environmental choice.



700 Industrial Drive, Ste K

Cary IL

60013, United States

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