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700 Industrial Drive, Ste K, Cary IL 60013

Cremation Metal Recycling:

What our clients are saying

Core Scientific has gone above and beyond our expectations from a post cremation metal recycler. We have doubled our returns, which are used for our local charitable giving program. Core is always ready to assist us with any questions or concerns we have about the process.

Jason Everden
President, Funeral Director & Certified Crematorium Operator – Everden Rust Funeral Services & Crematorium (Kelowna, British Columbia).

Great company! They literally salvaged our recycling program. Consultations and suggestions regarding security and reporting as well as providing the right equipment resulted in our returns nearly tripling!

Kenneth McKay
Operations & Crematorium Manager – All Caring Solutions

When I’m asked why I do business with core scientific, the words honesty, integrity, transparency, dignity, respectful and consistency come to mind. These ideals are why we remain loyal to them.

Colby Vonderheid
Owner – Sunlight Crematory

Who we are?

Core Scientific Cremation Metal Recycling

With over 500 crematories across North America recycling their post- cremation metals with Core Scientific, we have established ourselves as an industry leader and the go- to choice for some of the largest corporations and funeral groups in North America in cremation metal recycling.

We are committed to excellence in refining precious metals and cremation metal recycling. Our superior refining techniques and assay technology eliminate all guesswork and enable us to provide the highest payments in the industry and generate the highest yields. We are also the only refiner providing a 24/7 customer portal, as we are committed to transparency and making your life easier being able to track your returns and follow our process.

Beyond our elite refining capabilities, we also understand the cremation business on a complex level. We can provide solutions and education to help you streamline operations, improve operator productivity and enhance the quality and consistency of remains coming from your facility.

Accuracy of Returns 100%
New Clients Who Experience Higher Returns 93%
Clients who stay with us after their first try 96%
Transparency, Tracking and Settlement History 100%

Also, we were recognized in 2020 as an Inc 5000 company, ranking #623 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA, further establishing Core Scientific as the emerging leader in cremation metal recycling.

Core Scientific’s STEP Program was designed to completely

optimize the cremation metal recycling program at your facility

Security in cremation metal recycling

We provide protocols to help keep your cremation metal recycling program safe and secure.

  • Improve processing safety
  • Prevent tampering or theft
  • Reduce Liability

Transparency in cremation recycling

We want you to have full access.

  • Full and complete assay reports
  • Clear chain of custody on all metals
  • Historical settlement records and photos of all materials available via secure customer portal

Education in cremation recycling

We know how to optimize your cremation metal recycling program and we want to help!

  • Complimentary site visits and consultative services

We help make processing faster, safer and more efficient.

  • Equipment upgrades and maintenance
  • Operator Training

What separates us from other precious metal refiners

We are specialized in cremation metal recycling

  • Full service precious metal refiner with in-house laboratory
  • Unique refining process with superior sampling and melting techniques
  • Full transparency and tracking with a 24/7 customer portal

  • Highest returns in the industry
  • more cremation metals recovered = best environmental choice
  • Top customer service
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24/7 available online portal where you can:

  • Verify weights
  • View photos of your material
  • Track current and historical settlement records from one or multiple locations



700 Industrial Drive, Ste K

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60013, United States



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